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Kids, not College Bound?

Are you a parent who has always known or has just come to the realization your child is not college-bound?  Or maybe you just can’t afford the high cost of a four-year college and want to seek alternatives for your child.  For years we have told ourselves our children must go to college to be a success.  My Work My Future doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  We are proponents of presenting our children with multiple pathways for success. Forbes magazine just recently published     ( 22 Oct 2019)

Should Your Child Consider A Career In A Trade?

Skilled Trades? Why?

At My Work My Future, we believe the skilled trades are an excellent option and we have chosen to provide parents with resources they need to explore this pathway for their children.  With MWMF, we gather all the data in one spot helping you make informed decisions.  As parents, we all know our help doesn’t stop when our kids graduate from high school.  Many of us may have adult children who are in dead-end jobs or haven’t quite found their chosen career path.  At MWMF, we are here for you, too.  Look around on our website and social media pages.  If there’s something you can’t find or have questions, email us at

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