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  • David Bierwirth

Incredible Tradeswoman

I am Terry Bierwirth and I just finished a virtual meeting with an incredible tradeswoman, Kayleen McCabe. We made our connection on LinkedIn thanks to my husband David Bierwirth! We hit it off immediately because we are both huge advocates of skilled trades careers. Kayleen is a professional woodworker. She is deeply passionate about her trade. Kayleen was the TV Host of DIY Network's Rescue Renovation for 5 years. She now works closely with SkillsUSA, NAWIC ACT and NCCER to help them communicate the amazing opportunities in the skilled trades. "Consider me an ardent advocate of trade careers and education," says Kayleen. Me too, Kayleen!

I encourage you to follow Kayleen on social media and subscribe her YouTube channel.

Thank you for all you do Kayleen! I can't wait for our future collaboration!


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