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Young Adults

Graduated recently? 

Have you recently graduated from high school or earned your GED and don’t know what direction to go?   Maybe it’s been a few years and you're stuck in a dead-end job you despise, or you want a better opportunity for you and your family. 

Skilled Trades...Why Me?

Welcome to My Work My Future. We provide people like you resources and connections for opportunities in the skilled trades. We’re all about the skilled trades because they provide family living wages and better benefits than most other professions.  There’s a huge shortage of skilled workers and the choices are endless. And it’s not just one trade, but all trades. Welding, construction, plumbing, automotive, aircraft maintenance. If you have any interest in these fields, explore our website for resources and connections to these jobs.  Check out the proof in the conversations we’re having on our social pages IG @myworkmyfuture, FB @mywrkmyfuture, Twitter @myworkmyfuture . Need more info, DM us or email us at  

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