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Our Story

My Work My Future is an educational organization that promotes career pathways

into the skilled trades and provides a platform to bring potential workers and

industry together. My Work My Future aims to connect industry-leaders, employers,

educators, parents and the community with individuals of all ages that seek

meaningful, hands-on careers.

What Prompted My Work My Future?

A few years ago, the founder of My Work My Future realized that her son could

achieve greater job-satisfaction and career success beyond the borders of the

typical four-year university setting. By seeking other options, she discovered a

significant demand across a wide range of industries and a growing gap in the

number of skilled employees who can fill the void. She recognized that she couldn’t be the only parent seeking alternatives to college for their child and wanted to learn more about the labor challenges that our nation is facing.

Through articles, podcasts, news interviews about industry leaders she found that technological advances not only made many skilled jobs safer, they are also more appealing to young people because they love a challenge. Educators shared that vocational-technical courses are once again in-demand under a new name, Career Technical Education. It seemed clear that the stigma against the trades and lack of awareness of career options closely aligned to a national belief system that a four-year degree is the only path to success.

What Fuels the Passion for the Trades?

My Work My Future was born from a mother’s quest to support her son’s ambitions and his educational needs that is now a mission to help other families and an entire industry. By combining her vision and extensive marketing communications background, she has rallied a group of thought leaders, mentors, supporters, and volunteers to help change the conversation and fight back against any skilled workforce stigmas and lack of awareness narrative.

Where Do I Find More Resources?

The My Work My Future website offers education and training resources and career path tools to explore in-demand skills. Most importantly, the site provides a listing of companies that are hiring and local events to attend. The site will also feature success changes in the school curriculum, mentoring opportunities, stories of tradesmen and tradeswomen and spotlight companies and individuals that are working hard to solve the skilled labor shortage. Via social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, we are engaging in a dialogue about the trades and the career options on a local, regional and national level. 

Where is My Work My Future Located?


Based in Eugene, Oregon we are currently focused on the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon, the goal of My Work My Future is to cover the entire state of Oregon and then the region.


How Can I Get Involved?

We welcome you to be a part of this incredible mission and appreciate your comments, suggestions, and support.   You can contact our founder directly by email Terry Bierwirth or call (505) 379-2253 


Terry Bierwirth Founder / President

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