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At Your Best -- Launches Series of How To Books written for Future Tradesmen and Women

As we begin to spread our message about our mission to be a connector and resource provider for workforce opportunities in the skilled trades, we've had the good fortune of connecting with Juan Carosso of AtYourBest, LLC. He lives in Seattle and we found each other via Twitter. Gotta love social media! Juan has written a series of books loaded with information of how to become a skilled trades person. Below is information about At Your Best. Juan has interviewed me and we'll share the podcast with you as soon as it's ready. He is a terrific guy and very passionate about working on solutions to the skills gap. You can reach Juan through his website: .

At Your Best was created as a result of numerous conversations with contractors and small business people across the U.S., who were all concerned about the Skills Gap - the critical shortage of skilled tradespeople for existing positions.  The discussions with these Subject Matter Experts guided the development of the key concepts presented in theAYB Playbooks and on the At Your Best website.

At Your Best just released the first group of seven AYB Playbooks in English and one in Spanish. Together, these AYBPlaybooks and the array of tools - AYB Quick Tools - will help readers navigate the process of building a great career and launching a successful small business in one of these Skilled Trades.  Additional AYB Playbooks covering other Skilled Trades and translations will be released throughout 2019.

At Your Best believes that you are "at your best" when you have a game plan.

At Your Best believes that the American Dream is alive and well for each of us, as long as we commit ourselves to doing the hard work with perseverance and a good attitude.

At Your Best believes that the Skilled Trades offer a proven pathway for folks to realize their American Dream - no matter their personal circumstances. The Skilled Trades are absolutely critical to all of our futures and our quality of life in the US, so they need to be celebrated as such.

At Your Best exists to help folks by envision their futures with a game plan that lays out the concrete steps to take and milestones to reach along the way to go from A to Z as they build a great career and/or launch a thriving small business in the Skilled Trades.

At Your Best exists to give back to this Great Country that has given us all so much.

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