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Choose a Job You Love; Never Work a Day in Your Life

Written by John Qualman

Confucius say this long ago but its wisdom endures today. Imagine… how much more productive we, our friends, our country, the world would be if we applied our gifts to our careers.

That’s the work of “MyWork MyFuture.” I challenge everyone to look deeply inside themselves and identify their passion. Consider what work/activity you do, where you loose track of time. Is it building things, drawing, writing, photography? The list is endless, think about it…

My son developed a love of photography and video - it’s his gift and passion. At age 18, he’s turned it into a paying job that he loves, while he attends college. As his father, I’ve encouraged him to follow his passion, while maintaining balance in life – High School education, athletics, and social activity.

Everyone has THEIR balance, and it’s important to find it. Personally, I love building things, working with my hands, and seeing the final result. It’s not the career I chose, and if I did it over again, it could be. I didn’t have the same opportunities that you have, to turn your passion into a career!

At My Work My Future, they focus on career opportunities in the skilled trades and have multiple resources to help you find a job you can love. Take a look around on this website. You'll find information about education, job descriptions, job opportunities, career fairs and more. If you need more information, just send an email to

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