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Hayward Field Renovation in Eugene, OR uses New Technologies in Construction

This is an amazing project right here in our own backyard. The redesigned Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus. We drive or walk by the structure several times a week, oohing and aahing. Each week it grows more glorious. There are so many skilled craftsmen and women working on this project. All walks of life, all skill levels needed. We've been told over 300 skilled tradesmen and women are working on this project. We read an article today written by Register Guard reporter Adam Duvernay. The article is entitled "Sturdy, Strong and sustainable: Oregon Builders More frequently look to Engineered Wood for Construction."

The renovation of Hayward Field. Photo taken week of August 25, 2019. Photo Credit Terry Bierwirth

The article speaks to a new material mass timber being used on the canopy of Hayward Field. Mass timber is a category of wood construction material that can replace steel and concrete for primary load-bearing functions. It's been a game changer in innovation. According to the American Wood Council Mass timber is a category of framing styles typically characterized by the use of large solid wood panels for wall, floor, and roof construction. It also includes innovative forms of sculptural buildings, and non- building structures formed from solid wood panel or framing systems of six feet or more in width or depth.

We're going to find out if there's a type of skilled training available to teach skilled workers how to work with mass timber. We'll be reaching out to some of the companies who manufacture this product or are involved in the designing using the product. DR Johnson Lumber Freres Lumber Co.,Inc WoodWorks

Renovation of Hayward Field, Eugene,Oregon. Photo Credit Terry Bierwirth

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