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I Love My Trade - David Obie, Welder

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In honor of #NationalSkilledTradesDay May 6, 2020, we're launching a series called I Love My Trade. We connected on social media with David Obie, a welder in Springfield, Oregon. Here's David's story.

I got my start in metal fabrication at a very young age. I was striking an arc by the age of 12 while hanging around my father's fab shop. Obie Construction specialized in the outdoor advertising industry. I spent my free time after school putting in the groundwork learning the trade and eventually going full time after struggling through a short stint at the local college. I quickly figured out I was a worker, not a student. I found I could easily use my hands to make a living. I spent the next 16 years fabricating billboard structures, installing them, and eventually moving into building led signage all over the world but mostly in Times Square. In 2009 I was offered a job overseeing the construction of 2 led signs in UAE (Dubai). Due to the awful economy here I jumped on the job. As the economy recovered I found my motivation and desires changing, I wanted a little change of pace and wanted to peruse different work. So in 2018 I transitioned out of my partnership and opening the doors of Dynamic Industries. Let’s just say it was very humble beginnings. I had a shared 900 sq foot shop and very limited tooling. Over the next 2 years, I spent every cent of profit build the shop I’m in today. It’s not huge but it’s mine, I don’t have every tool but I will get there in time. My customer list grows every day and I learn my new industry every day.

One of the most rewarding parts of my IG account is the people that have an interest in my trade being able to ask questions, comment, and be inspired. I’ve been able to position people in jobs, teach people to weld, problem-solve, and get advice from people on things I’m struggling with. Today’s youth need to understand how important trades are and that they can make a great living working in construction. Every lawyer, doctor, and politician needs a house, plumbing, HVAC, gas line, power, and so on. The trades are a very secure job and have a huge potential for business ownership.

I love going to work every day not knowing what’s coming my way tomorrow. I could be welding a railing in the shop or a critical connection 130’ in the air. There is no way I could sit in an office all day every day. I definitely hang my hat on putting in a long, hard day every day.

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