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I Love My Trade - Nick Bezates, Welder, Bezates Construction

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

In honor of #NationalSkilledTradesDay May 6, 2020, we are launching a series called I Love My Trade. We connected with Nick Bezates, owner of Bezates Construction in Beavercreek, Oregon. Here is Nick’s story:

Nick in PPE and hood ,welding.
Nick Bezates

Originally from Ontario Oregon, I grew up with a construction background. I went to Sheldon High School in Eugene. After graduating, I attended the University of Oregon and Lane Community College before transferring to Oregon State University to finish my degree in construction engineering management.

Some of my earliest memories are of going to work with my dad all summer. Sometimes it was in my hometown, but often it was out of town 200 miles away. It started in about second or third grade. By 6-years-old, I was running an excavator. By 9 years old, I was driving a truck. I would grab a backhoe from our shop when I was really young, drive up to our house, about 3 miles away, and plow snow in the neighborhoods.

Fast forward to now. I own Bezates Construction in Beavercreek, Oregon, a welding service, fabrication, and excavation company in both new construction and repair of existing pipeline and structural infrastructure. Although the majority of my work consists of welding and fabrication right now, I do a multitude of different types of construction.

Nick Bezates, hood up and making a face.
Nick Bezates

One of the most challenging times in my career was when my dad and I did a job together on the coast of Newport, Oregon.  We were working for another company and had a tight deadline to lay about 15,000 feet of 24” welded steel pipe in 34 days. We ended up getting it done in about 27 days,  but there were a lot of 20-hour days to do so.  It was a huge learning experience.

Probably the biggest thing I love about the trades is the challenge of the work and the sense of accomplishment after building something that will last for years to come. I would definitely recommend a career in the trades. My advice is to be open to trying new things as you go along. What might seem like the perfect fit at 18 might not be so great down the road. Just be open to new experiences and trying new things as you progress!

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