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Metal: His Passion, Now His Work

My Work My Future is an organization dedicated to promoting career pathways in the skilled trades. As a connector and resource provider, Brooklyn Reed is a success story worthy of promotion.

As a senior, Brooklyn was enrolled in Tom Lemond’s Metals Manufacturing class, part of the Careers and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum at Springfield High School, Springfield Oregon. Mr. Lemonds arranged for a “job shadow” at Johnson Crushers International, which eventually led to a job offer for Brooklyn. He enjoys his work and is a strong advocate of the CTE programs. Brooklyn’s father works with his hands; Brooklyn is able to follow in the family tradition and do what he loves. When asked what our culture needs to cultivate more success stories, he quickly said “keep the CTE programs in our schools.”

Brooklyn recognized the many friends and acquaintances that also want to follow a similar path as he has– working with their hands – and the CTE programs are often the first step toward success.

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