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I Love My Trade - Carly Rush, Safety Coordinator

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Carly Rush with standing, arms crossed and safety helmet on.
Carly Rush

Carly loves her job. She didn’t always. Sheet metal changed her life. After working for years in various dead-end jobs, Carly wanted more. Something more challenging and financially rewarding. A real career that wasn’t “soul-crushing.” When a coworker left his desk job to enter a skilled trade, Carly was intrigued. Not knowing where to start, she found the Oregon Tradeswomen in Portland, Oregon. She signed up for their 7-week pre-apprenticeship class that gave an overview of all the construction trades. When it came time to learn about sheet metal, she was hooked. Carly loved the diversity of the trade. Being able to build something out of a flat piece of metal was endlessly exciting. And she could make a good living, too. In 2020, Carly earned her journeyman card from the Sheet Metal Institute training center. Now she’s a Safety Coordinator for an HVAC and engineering firm in Portland where she is responsible for “keeping her brothers and sisters safe.”

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