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I Love My Trade - Todd Omlid, Construction

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

In honor of #NationalSkilledTradesDay May 6, 2020, we are launching a series called I Love My Trade. We connected with Todd Omlid, owner of Omlid Construction in Redmond, Oregon. Here is Todd's story:

Todd Omlid, principal of Omlid Construction in Redmond, Oregon, served 12 years in the United States Army leading soldiers in combat infantry operations. After four tours of duty and years away from home, Todd decided it was time to retire his army boots and change the direction of his career. His wife’s background in real estate and passion for home design naturally led him to pursue the construction industry. Todd has an eye for detail and there is not a phase of construction that he hasn’t extensively studied and dominated. Omlid Construction specializes in excavation and it’s ultimately Todd’s favorite part of the construction process. “There’s something about moving the earth to create the perfect footprint for someone’s home. The core of the home rests on the quality of work beneath it. It’s not just about moving dirt, it’s what your home relies on to withhold its integrity and withstand time. We often overlook the value of the work that happens before the home construction begins, but in actuality, the success of these homes depends on it," Todd states.

"Being part of the trades allows character and personal details to shine through in every project and the long-lasting effects of great work to be seen for years to come. There's no greater feeling than being of service to someone," added Todd.

Todd shares his passion for the trade with his wife and their four children. Although two of the children are still very young, the older two show a real interest in the field. His oldest daughter has an artistic eye and love for design, while his sons are all about the heavy equipment. Todd is an extremely patient teacher and has a gift leading others. It's really an incredible thing to witness.

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